Pet Memorials

 On behalf of the staff at Spring Valley Animal Hospital LLC, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.  We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page. Please feel free to complete the following Pet Memorial Form in Adobe Acrobat format, which requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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6/15/2002 - 11/3/2011

Jerry was loved by everyone that knew him and they loved him back.  He was known here at Spring Valley Animal Hospital for his calming presence to both staff and clients.  He taught puppies how to behave and children to be gentle.  He couldn't wait to see the neighborhood kids on his walks and was disappointed if they weren't out.  He loved his family and they loved him back.  He sends them bluebirds in the spring, and though greatly missed, his presence is still felt.  We know that he has raised Harvey in spirit.




11/05/1998? - 10/21/2014

Zoey's dad found her in the mountains of NC and referred to her as his "Blue Ridge Poodle".  She looked like a Husky with Corgi legs.  Small in stature but big in personality, her smile was contagious. Smart as a whip she would do anything her Daddy asked and slept at his feet every night.  She was known as our little breast cancer survivor until a different type of cancer came along.  She was a fighter till the end and is greatly missed.     




12/24/2001 - 02/12/2011

Mali was the "mom" of her family.  Always calm and always happy for a good meal.  She took care of everyone even through several rounds of chemo.  She was a gentle soul that stole her Dad's heart.  Some dogs are more than just dogs and she was one.



12/22/2005 - 2/24/2016

Although Max was not an official member of the SVAH family he is cousin to our beloved Harvey.  Max spent a life being deeply loved by his Mom and human brother.  He was a ham that loved the attention and fans that he gathered on FB.  He was a constant during the trials and tribulations of daily life and never failed to bring a smile.  He will be deeply missed, though he will live in the hearts of those that loved him forever until being reunited at the Rainbow Bridge.



4/5/2003 - 4/25/2016

To Pouncer

We went to the shelter on that fateful day 

to "look" at the kitties, not intending to stay.

Off in a corner all by himself sat

the perfect little silver gray small cat.

We realized quickly, it gave us a start, 

to find you had already stolen our heart.

You've been Dad's companion and Mom's sweet boy,

for thirteen years you gave us special joy.

We know now you're healthy, no more pills or shots,

and know that we so loved you, lots and lots.



6/27/2005 - 5/26/2016

Thank you Maddie for loving me unconditionally for almost 11 years!  I love you so much and I miss you terribly.  The house is so empty without you!  You will always be in my heart and I will look forward to meeting you again one day.



4/2/2010 - 11/21/2016

Our Dear Sweet Lulu,

You are a part of our family that can never be replaced.  We all miss you more than words can say.  You will always be remembered as the sweet, sweet lady everyone loved.

The Aldamuy Family



12/23/2007 - 9/15/2017

Samson, you were our good Boy.  We loved you dearly.  When we first got you and brought you home, you took control of everything.  You never got sick and were the terror of the neighborhood.  Everyone loved you.  Yes, you were simply beautiful.



2004? - 9/25/2017

Coco was there with her unconditional love thru all the rough times.  During my chemo she would not leave my side.  She loved riding in the car and I loved taking her.  She will be missed, but I am thankful for all the wonderful memories.



3/5/2006 - 1/2/2018

Buffy brought our family much joy and laughter as well as much love.  He is truly missed.



7/4/2001 - 11/25/2017

Dixie was adopted by our daughter, Elizabeth, from a shelter in Greenville, SC.  In 2003 she moved to an apartment that wouldn't allow pets, so we inherited our beloved Dixie.  When she was living with Elizabeth she stayed in the crate all day.  When she came to us, we were retired and home all day, so she never saw that crate again.  She loved Elizabeth, but when Elizabeth came to visit and was leaving to go home, Dixie hid behind me! :)  Her life with us was a dream come true for her and for us.  She was so beautiful, so regal!  Her fur was baby soft and her perky ears and curly tail indicated she was a Carolina Dog, a descendant of the Dingo dogs.  she was playful, but obedient.  She followed me every step I took - upstairs, downstairs, all around the house.  She was always looking for me.  When we left and came home, she was always by the front door.  She was a courier for me, taking notes, or the paper upstairs to her "Daddy" to save me the steps.  One of her favorite things was to get up in the morning (she slept beside our bed), go outside checking every blade of grass to see who had been by, come in, go take the paper upstairs while I took the coffee.  She was the happiest dog ever, turning and dancing in circles when she had to wait on me for walks.  We will always love and miss her - never forgotten <3



11/3/2002 - 3/1/2018

Daisy was supposed to be a teacup Pomeranian.  She was so little that my husband was calling her shrimp dog.  When she started answering to that he had to stop that.  We soon realized we didn't have a teacup but the full pot!!  We loved her so much.  She was not a lap dog (her choice), bu loved head rubs almost as much as she loved her treats.  Even though we have 2 other doggie friends, our house feels so empty..........



9/12/2003 - 3/19/2018

Life is lessons and blessings

Trials and tribulations

Knowledge and perspectives

Of gaining strength to overcome or let go

So we let go of our dear Hercules!



10/4/2008 - 6/28/2018

My Greatest Companion through my toughest times, alone.  You were more than just a pet through our very challenging Army life.  Through our many moves, trips, and deployments, I could always count on you to be there.  Thank you for a very special ten years.  May you run free now, my Maxey!

Forever in our hearts,

Brittney, Jason, Jaden, Lucas & Sofia


"DeDe Pepper"

10/1/2006 - 7/31/2018




5/6/2006 - 12/15/2018

Pepper was my sweet baby boy. My memories of him are precious to me:  how he greeted me every day as if he hadn't seen me in years, how he loved to go "take out the trash with me - the minute he heard me pull out the can he was at attention by the door, how he would tuck his head under my arm requesting to be petted, how he followed me with every step I took... yes, he was my baby boy and I miss him dearly. But, my consolation is knowing that he is no longer suffering.  I KNOW I WILL SEE HIM AGAIN.

My Pepper, pepperoni, pepperoncini, peponcio, bugaboo, sweety pie... "If LOVE alone could've kept you here, you would've lived FOREVER"




8/9/2008 - 1/25/2019

Mobi, Mobi, the joy you brought our family will never be forgotten; for every time you greeted us; we think of all the happiness and friendship we gained.
For every time you wagged your tail; we think of all the love you gave.
For every time you did a trick; we think of all the family hugs shared for a treat.
Loving, fun and loyal; a true best friend indeed, now sleep in peace, for you
did your deed and impacted our lives forever with smiles and cherished memories.
Veronica, Courtney, Aaron and Edward


Teddy Von Plinsky


5/1/2005 - 2/13/2019

My sons called Trucker my shadow because he followed me everywhere.  He wasn't a cuddler but he like being where I was.  I think he just got too hot when he snuggled.  He had two other dachshunds he shared the house with until he lost his "brother" Frankie, then there was just him and his best buddy and "brother" Teddy and they were inseparable and now there is just Teddy and he misses his best friend terribly.  Trucker was the protector even though he was the smallest.  He never allowed another dog to go outside alone and always insisted on going out with them even when one was a German Shepherd/Chow mix.  Talk about Mutt and Jeff!  I will miss those beautiful blue eyes staring back up at me!  Until we meet again my little Trucker bear.  Love you, your human mom.




9/30/2009(?) - 3/4/2019

Pictured with his big brother and favorite pillow!  Always happy and always in charge, and forever my heart.


Daisy Mitchell


2008 - 5/19/2019


You were the sweetest girl.  We saw your picture on the door at a daycare and couldn't resist your sweet face.  You loved your food and treats, and nice long walks with your "sisters".  Even when your health started going downhill, you took all your pills eagerly an always greeted us at the door with tail wagging.  You are truly missed and will never be forgotten. Rest easy, sweet girl!




6/18/2006 - 7/1/2019

Arlis was a special, much loved Boston Terrier.  We were so blessed to have him for 13 years.  He loved everyone and everyone love him.  He loved riding in the car with his head out of the window.  He loved to eat and liked to watch me cook.  I think he carried a watch!! because he knew when it was time for everything.  He always waited patiently at the front door for company.  Loved Christmas and Halloween and his presents.  He was remembered by so many. He is missed and will not be forgotten.

- Kathy Hawkins




1/01/2005 - 11/15/2019




9/15/2007 - 1/10/2020

You have left my life but you will always be in my heart.

Love you much, Mom Holley



2/4/2006 - 2/3/2020

Goodbye my sweet Stewie!

Over the Rainbow Bridge you went today, did you meet Daddy?

Wait there for me too, til we meet again.

I cherish our 14 years together and will miss you and love you forever.

Love Mommy




5/25/2008 - 7/17/2020

"Till We Meet Again"

It feels like something's missing now,

When I walk through the door.

The sound of your paws running

Across the kitchen floor.

Moving on is not easy,

Heaven knows I've tried.

But the room seems so empty,

Without you by my side.

I know you're somewhere special, 

Where you can run and play.

But that doesn't stop me missing you,

Every single day.

If a dog is man's best friend,

You have more than played your part.

In leaving me with memories,

And pawprints in my Heart.

Always and Forever

The Frick Family




6/26/2005 - 9/17/2020

Jessie was the heart and soul of our family, she was the most beautiul dog.  We loved her more than anything and we always will.  When we picked her out, she was trying to dig her way out, we knew she was gonna be perfect.  She always knew when you were upset, and she would do everything to make you happy.  She was our little princess, our baby, our precious pup.  Whenever she was happy she would prance around and toss her bone around.  She loved attention and loved being told how pretty she was.  She loved food and loved to watch people cook.  We loved her, she was family, she was a part of everything we did.  She wanted to be with us always, she loved watching us.  She met so many people, she changed so many lives, so many people loved her.  She was one of a kind, unique, sweet, and special.  We will always remember her, she will always be with us.  I love you Jessi, we all love you.  Forever and always.




7/25/06 - 10/18/2020

"If animals would make us happier in Heaven, surely there will be a place for them there."     ~Billy Graham




7/5/2006 - 2/25/2021

"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."   ~Winnie the Pooh

Miles was our precious little boy, our sweet little man, our love bug, and sometimes our grumpy butt.  Even in discomfort and fatigue, he continued to give and receive love unconditionally.  His loyalty and pathetic need to be in our presence at all times has created a lasting impression in our hearts.  ~Diane and Doug Ryan



2/4/2006 - 2/3/2021




3/2006 - 2/9/2021

King of Creation, here was your good creature, Trux.  He was called to life by your own compassionate design.  Here were the spaces and days we share, enjoying the glad company and cheerful fellowship of a fellow creature.  We made room in our home and room in our hearts, to welcome your unique and wonderful creation, he was a gift easily loved.   ~Prayer taken from Every Moment Holy

We miss you Truxinator




2008 - 4/17/21

Snowflake was my heart; Barley was my soul;  Both my Heart and Soul are together again.  I will forever be empty.




2/20/2007 - 9/1/2021

This sweet angel left our arms on September 1, 2021.  She brought so much joy and laughter to our home.  Jolie was such a sensitive soul, she loved her belly rubs and she affectionately wanted to lick our faces.  Jolie was fiercely independent - not a huge cuddler and she liked to sleep on her own.  She was always, always kind to her brother Miles even when he snarled at her.  She liked to groom and clean his face.  As she aged she mellowed and seemed more content to just sit next to us.  Run free sweet cherub - we miss you more than you know.  Love always.



7/19/2007 - 1/28/2022




10/29/2005 - 2/7/2022

Snowy River’s Lucy Heiney was born on 10/29/2005 in Sweet Home, Oregon and passed this life on February 7, 2022.  She was an English Shepherd, UKC and ESC Registered.  She flew to her permanent home in January 2006 accompanied by Amanda Heiney DiPietro.  During her flight, she learned to love turkey.  She passed her Canine Good Citizen Test in 2011 and completed several obedience courses.  Her job was to be a companion to her owners Sue and Michael Heiney.  For the last six years, she served marvelously to comfort Sue in the loss of her husband. She loved doing obedience commands and taking long hikes with Sue. When she crosses the Rainbow Bridge, she will be greeted by her canine friends, Sasha, Nollie and Gretchen along with her human family, Michael, Garvin and Effie.



9/2010 - 3/19/2022

Dr. A named you  China.  I rescued you and I didn't know that you rescued me.  Your life with me was a true blessing.  You always greeted me with your Happy Dance and your wagging tail that soothed my soul.  I will always remember your adventures and I will always treasure all our times together.  China, you will be missed beyond words.  Mommy loves you and I hope you love your new home across the RAINBOW.




7/23/2009 - 4/2/2022

Kashi touched the hearts of everyone she met.  She lived her life with grace and love, and she passed with just as much gentleness.  She was a queen to the end.



3/18/2001 - 4/5/2022

We were blessed to have Javonie for fifteen years.  He was spoiled, loving, and very protective of his Mom.  Javonie will forever be in our hearts.



2/9/2013 - 4/18/2022

"Always surprised by love."



6/1/2011 - 5/13/2022

I truly miss my sweet girl.



"Benjamin "Ben" Todd"

4/2/2007 - 6/24/2022

"And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." ~ Philippians 4:4-9




7/5/2012 - 8/9/2022

Tyson, my heart, I miss you everyday.  I know you are in a better place but I need you, to hug you and kiss you when I am sad.  You are my heart and it's broken now.  Without you things are not the same.  I love you.  #myheartbeat



3/1/2008 - 8/30/2022

"When we got cissy she was just a roly poly puppy so sweet and lovable. She thinned out and became an even more sweet and lovable girl. We were always asked If  she was pit bull and yes, she was part pit, but as all, well raised pit bulls she was super sweet and loving. We will miss her so much but will always have her close in our hearts. Love you Cissy forever!!



5/14/2010 - 10/6/2022

Molly was one of the sweetest souls of all time - she was a dear friend to our entire family whom God sent to us 12.5 years ago.  Her love was nearly surpassed by her sharp brain - an incredibly smart dog who knew all of her 20+ toys by appearance and name.  Lovely Molly will be deeply missed, never forgotten and we will see her again one day!  Until then, enjoy Heaven and Rainbow Bridge, Miss Molly!



2/14/2010 - 10/12/2022

My BEST FRIEND and loving companion, like a son.  Memories that bring joy and sadness.



3/19/2010 - 10/19/22

We know you're enjoying your feasts of all you couldn't eat.  No more cancer and food allergies.  Enjoy loving on Grandma and all the bonfires in heaven ❤  We love you Zo, thanks for being the best furbaby.




6/5/2013 - 11/21/2022




5/25/2008 - 11/22/2022

Simon was our foster fail that we officially adopted from Pawmetto Lifeline in 2009.  Simon was always such a wonderful and loving companion.  He passed away at the age of 14.5 but we will forever be grateful for the years we had with him.


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